Arrange a Simple, Attended Cremation from £1,995

What’s included

Simple Cremation (Attended) £1995

Our standard service has everything you need for a simple cremation, with the same affordable price.


  • A scheduled collection from hospital or Coroner’s mortuary
  • Doctors’ fees (if these apply)
  • Cremation fees for an committal at one of the venues we use
  • Traditional oak veneer cremation coffin.
  • Transfer to the crematorium of our choice 09:00 to 14:00
  • Hand delivery of the ashes OR scattering the ashes in the Garden of Remembrance
  • Dressed in own clothes or shroud of your choice

What’s the difference between a direct cremation and a traditional cremation?

We give your loved one the same care and dignity

Your choice to attend a simple 40 minute service or one of our representatives to conduct a dignified ceremony on your behalf


No need to visit the undertaker Should you choose not to – make all of the arrangements from the comfort of your own home in your own time  – we believe that you know what you need and it’s our job to make things easy and a less traumatic experience – by separating the cremation from the farewell you can focus on the good memories and being together in a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed Clear, honest pricing – we never try to sell you a more expensive funeral or slip in hidden extras.

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